TIP Featured in Article in Parentology

Teens in Politics was recently featured in an article in the online publication Parentology. The article, entitled "Being Under 18 and Politically Active," discussed ways in which teenagers can contribute in the current political environment. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Some efforts can start small and end up huge. Take, for instance, the organization Teens in Politics. Started in the spring of 2018, 10th-grade student James Kuntz at NYC’s prestigious Dalton School saw an opportunity for connections between minors and political internships. Teens in Politics hooks up politically interested teens (think precocious policy wonks) with internships in the New York area. It’s currently focused on the New York House reps, New York State Senate, and New York Assembly, but may branch out in the future. Teens can look forward to seeing the inner workings of state politics, good, bad, and ugly. There might be plenty of Starbucks runs for interns, but there also might be a pathway to a job after college, too."